January 17th - Ronnie Scotts! 11pm till late - with the  wonderful Doug Sides quintet.

January 30th - at the Lifeboat in Margate. - a mini- set in the midst of the jam session with Doug's quintet.

Feb 7th I'll be playing with the excellent rhythm section at Bramley's jazz jam.

March 10th - a celebration of International Womens day at the Sarah Thorne Theatre, with Annie Whitehead, Jennifer Maidman Josefina Cupido and Kai


March 19th 3pm York Street Methodist Church in Broadstairs with Los Mareados quartet. (see Los Mareados page for our music



26th April with sax supremo Alan Barnes at the Pegwell Bay Hotel(Harbour Jazz Club)  Rod Browne on drums and Alex Keen bass 8.15pm (£7)


3rd May at the Landmark Jazz Club Deal with distinguished jazz vocalist Lee Gibson


7th May shared double bill, with Brigitte Baden Rennie and Josefina Cupido at Conquest House Palace Street Canterbury


25th June with acclaimed vocalist Jan Ponsford at Conquest House Palace Street Canterbury 8pm 15/13 in advance.

26th June with Richard Rozze and Paul Zec, both wonderful jazz improvisers at the hop and Hffkin Deal (eve)


29th June at the Harbour Arm Folkestone  with Vince Clarke and Alex Keen - the mainstay of Mandeville Records. That's our music on this page ...


30th July Pizza Express in Maidstone with gorgeous singer Dulcie May Moreno and Quintet

frances knight


if you'd like to  book a gig for:  

jazz solo piano


jazz duos/trios - octets

Tango with los Mareados

or a piano/jazz harmony tuition

please ring or text or leave a message on this site.